Proven Leader

My core values have always driven me to target my public service efforts toward key strategic Goals such as the following:


  • WE MUST NEVER LET JUPITER BECOME LIKE THE OVERCROWDED CITIES/TOWNS TO OUR SOUTH. Jupiter’s high quality of life must be preserved and further enhanced for our children, grandchildren and future generations. ➔ I have always voted NO when a new development proposal isn’t a good fit for Jupiter. I will continue to do so, and advocate that other Council Members should do likewise.
  • We’ve kept “JUPITER GREEN” by preserving open space and environmentally sensitive properties. I encourage Jupiter residents to join me in voting in favor of the 2019 Land Acquisition Bond Referendum, so we may continue these efforts.
  • Town Council must place a significantly greater emphasis on protecting and improving the OVERALL HEALTH OF JUPITER’S INLET, WATERWAYS AND SEAGRASS.


  • We must ensure that new development and re-development projects do not overburden Jupiter’s roadways and/or create unacceptable impacts to our existing neighborhoods. ➔ I often advocate for traffic mitigation solutions to be pre-requisites to development projects with significant traffic impacts. I have always voted NO when valid traffic mitigation solutions are not incorporated into Development Orders. I will continue to do so, and advocate that other Council Members should do likewise.
  • ISLAND WAY – SOUTHERN EXTENSION: We must complete this new roadway, with a greater sense of urgency, to reduce traffic congestion on Indiantown Road, and at its intersection with Central Blvd.
  • INDIANTOWN ROAD CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENTS – WEST OF ALT. A1A: A Town Council majority must begin to place a higher priority emphasis on traffic mitigation efforts and public safety improvements along this heavily congested corridor.
    • A proposed inlet Port would shift a lot of freight train traffic to tracks west of Jupiter. I support it.
    • FEC’s bridge across the Loxahatchee River is 90 years old and was designed during an era when the typical boater used a rowboat.  It must be replaced with an upgraded design to reduce impacts to boating traffic.
    • Brightline trains will race thru our Town at 110 MPH speeds. Brightline and FEC don’t seem to care enough about public safety and arrogantly refer to pedestrians crossing the track as trespassers. ➔ A “sealed corridor” must be implemented to protect the public.


  • We must ensure that development of the remaining parcels in Town Center (including DOWNTOWN ABACOA) and Workplace Districts are implemented in accordance with original project approval commitments and pursue improvement opportunities that arise.
  • We must also ensure that Abacoa Stadium is revitalized and its two professional baseball teams agree to significantly extended leases.


  • We’ve pursued good paying job opportunities for Jupiter residents. ➔ I helped champion efforts to get HIGH TECH INDUSTRY and internationally renowned businesses to locate in Jupiter.
  • We’ve landed major employment centers by attracting SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUTE, MAX PLANCK, FLORIDA TURBINE TECHNOLOGIES, POWER SYSTEMS MANUFACTURING, G4S/WACKENHUT and various smaller new businesses.


  • We must continue to pursue expanded and more collaborative partnerships with neighborhood associations to respond to service needs and help revitalize targeted neighborhoods.
  • We must also update policy/plans to maintain vitality of local business community and revitalize targeted areas.


  • The Town’s ad valorem tax rate is already one of the lowest of any municipality in Palm Beach County. ➔ I advocate use of best practices from private sector so that the Town will become a more responsive government that better serves its residents and businesses.
  • I have a comprehensive menu of SOLUTIONS that I continue to relentlessly advocate to lower the overall costs of government. No Town services will be adversely impacted. ➔ Implementation of MY practical SOLUTIONS SHOULD ENABLE THE TOWN TO AVOID ANY INCREASES IN AD VALOREM TAXES OR WATER RATES IN THE UPCOMING YEAR.

My values, community leadership results and commitments to Jupiter, its residents, neighborhoods and schools show that YOU CAN COUNT ON ME to continue to be your “qualified local voice” who represents community interests and not special interests.

I ask for your continued support and vote for my re-election as Jupiter Town Councilor.